About Mid-Cape Church Homes

In 1975 when the need for low-income housing became evident, The Social Action Committee of The First Congregational Church of Harwich responded to the need by sponsoring a group for the purpose of developing plans and seeking financing. This action led to the formal incorporation, in1975, of Mid-Cape Church Homes, Inc. As defined in the by-laws, the purpose is to provide rented housing and related facilities and services to qualified persons as specified and approved by the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, the Farmers Home Administration and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or any other government agency that would provide funding for this type of housing.

The first project, Pine Oaks Village I, consisting of 60 apartments, was opened in1980. The Rural Development Assistance Program and supplemented with a HUD Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Contract provided financing in the initial project. A loan in the amount of $1,818,900 at 8.5% matures in 2028.

The second phase Pine Oaks Village II, was opened in1990 providing an additional 38 units, financed by the Rural Development Assistance Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, formally Farmers Home Administration. One unit is unsubsidized while the other 37 units receive tenant subsidy from Rural Development. A loan, in the original amount of $2,135,650 carries an effective interest of 1% and matures in 2039.

Pine Oaks Village I and II are located on a 30-acre site off Bank Street in Harwich, Ma. Each apartment is approximately 600 square feet in size.

Pine Oaks Village III consisting of 65 apartments, was opened in February 2003. This complex is located on a 12-acre site on Oak Street, Harwich, MA, and was acquired from the town of Harwich. HUD provided financing under the Section 202 Capital Advance program that is supplemented by a HUD Section 8 Project Rental Assistance Contract. The Massachusetts Community Development Assistance Corporation as well as the Cape Cod Commission provided additional financial assistance. While there is a HUD loan in the amount of $5,452,000 at an interest rate of 7.75% under the Section 202 program no interest or principal payments are due as log as the housing remains available for low-income applicants.

To live in Pine Oaks I, II and III you must be 62 years of age or older and must have an annual income that is below 50% of the area median income for their household size. In addition , Pine Oaks Village I & II accept applicants, of any age, who are handicapped or disabled although, at Pine Oaks I, there is an elderly preference in effect so that if there are applicants 62 or older, a non-elderly disabled person will not be placed. At Pine Oaks II there is a preference that applies to individuals displaced by government actions. The rent subsidy assistance means that residents pay only 30% of their income in rent.

There is normally a waiting list of 150 or more persons with an apartment becoming available on the average of once every two months.

The three phases combined have an asset value of more than 10 million dollars.

Since 1980 Mid-Cape Church Homes has engaged the services of HallKeen Management Co. (formally MB Management Co.) of Braintree as agent to manage these facilities on a day-to- day basis.

Board Members

Debra Bassett, Treasurer JoAnne Clancy
Kathleen Cockcroft Phyllis Cushlanis, Secretary
Joseph Della Morte, Vice President Robert Doane
Forrest A. Eaton, Jr., CPA Paul Fox
Laurian Schultz Joyce K. Williams
Gregory Winston, President